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Today’s Olive, Since 1965

Why Amalthia?

Because Amalthia means robustness, abundance and prosperity.

In ancient Greek mythology Amalthia was the goat which breastfed Zeus, the father of the Olympian Gods, when his mother Rea helped him find shelter on the island of Crete in order to save him from his father Kronus, who devoured his own children to prevent them from taking his throne.

One day, while little Zeus was playing with Amalthia, he accidentally broke its horn. He used his divine powers in order not to upset the goat and he made her horn always overflow with goods in lavish abundance.



Symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, strength and beauty, the olive tree is part of a heavy cultural heritage, full of legends and traditions inextricably linked to flowering, harvesting and producing olive oil. It thrives on the rocky and barren land of the Mediterranean, from the depths of the centuries, and its fruits produce excellent olive oil, the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.

The olive tree has been worshiped by our ancestors and helped our survival and the development of our culture. From the leaves and the branches to its fruits, this tree is undoubtedly Nature’s gift to humanity.


In the center of one of the most important olives-producing regions of Greece, Amalthia SA made its first steps using the olives, one of the most ancient and most useful products of Greek land.


The story of our success

Our company was founded in 1965 by Athanasios Zoukas who took the initiative and made the first steps in treating, processing and marketing of olives.

Today, serving the legacy of toils and values of two generations and with a vision to let them, in turn, as supplies for future generations, we take care of our products one by one and on a daily basis, because we want to be proud of their excellent quality.

This valuable commodity, the olive tree, is being taken care of in a way that every step is in absolute balance and is taken with absolute respect for the environment, our employees, our suppliers and our producers. After all, the blessed olive can only be treated with love and respect!

Second generation runs the business today


Today’s major shareholders are the founder’s children Kostas and Vana, who continue the family success with the same enthusiasm and love for their work. They both participate in the management of the company. Their common wish is the dream of Amalthia to be continued with the 3rd generation of the family , provided:

respect to the olive producers , to the olive product and to the olive consumers

Konstantinos Zoukas was born in Kefalovriso of Etoliko in 1966 where he completed his secondary education. He studied Economics at the University of Economics in Athens and then he attended postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, where he was awarded the Degree of Master in Arts in Finance and Investment by the University of Exeter . In 1993 he started providing his services to the company, which he now runs as general manager. Since 2007 he has been elected as a Member of the Council of PEMETE, The Panhellenic Association of Processors - Standardizers - Exporters of Table Olives and since 2022 he has been the President of the organization. He speaks English and Italian and has more than 25 years of experience in the olive business.
VANA ZOUKAFinance Manager
Vana Zouka, was born in Kefalovriso of Etoliko in 1968. After completing her secondary education, she studied Law at the Law School of Athens from where she graduated in 1991. After completing her studies, she became a member of the Law Association in the Court of Messolonghi and started working in the family business. Her experience as an attorney has contributed to her services as legal advisor to the firm, while at the same time she is the head of the Finance and PR departments of the company. She speaks English and French and is involved in the olive business for more than 2 decades.